About US

Dawn of Dissent is a highly conceptual and forward-thinking brand whose graphic shirts represent the brand’s purpose and philosophy. In addition to raising awareness on relevant issues impacting the nation, the brand aims to stand out as a leader in designer urban apparel. But more than just a fashion brand, Dawn of Dissent is a movement. 



Growing up in Italy, the last thing Fatí thought about was getting involved in US politics. Especially being a fashion designer. 

But after the 2016 election things changed quickly and dramatically.

Teaming up with her husband, they quickly formed the brand Dawn of Dissent, while designing, and locally hand printing graphic tees with the powerful message of Dissent and Resistance. And just like that a collection of shirts with an opinion was born. With shirts that took a stand that would not be silent they hoped to encourage everyone to speak up for what they believe in.

Now a single mom to two, as well as a US Citizen, Fatí, like a majority of the country, still felt the need to speak up and speak out, and give a voice to those who felt as if they no longer had one. 

Two years in she decided to expand Dawn of Dissent with a ready-to-wear line manufactured and imported from Italy. She personally curates the line and custom designs the limited edition styles in the collection. From sweaters, to jeans, to jackets, these new pieces of clothing compliment the loud voice of their defiant shirts, and help enhance the original tee-shirt designs. She believes that fashion can coexist with socio-political activism and make relevant statements and ideologies a trendy lifestyle.

In the end, it’s just one more example of someone immigrating to this country and having a meaningful impact on society.

#Resist. #NeverBeSilent. #DawnOfDissent.