About Us

Fatí and Fred are both designers. One fashion. One advertising. Married. And fight all the time. So naturally it seemed to make sense that they would create something together.

They wanted to have a say in today's world and they had a vision of what that should look like.

After much fighting, two kids and zero sleep, the idea of making a poignant graphic collection showcasing today's madness seemed most logical.

They had the idea for this collection for quite some time. Actually years. They always wanted to create a stylish collection that carried a relevant message. One relating to the current issues. It wasn't going to be just about politics but about what's relevant at the moment.

On November 8, 2016 it became very clear that their project had to start. Immediately. And it was obvious that right now politics was what people had on their mind...

So here it is, a collection with an opinion, meant to be not just worn, but heard. Clothes you'll want to stand up in, protest in, and never be silent in. 

They hope to encourage everyone to stand up for what they believe in. And they're proud to be 2 of 65,844,610 voices in dissent.


Dawn Of Dissent