About Us

Fatí is a fashion designer and she always wanted to have a say in today's world and make an impact with her work. She had a vision for years of what that should look like and wanted to create a stylish collection that carried a relevant and current message.

The idea of making a poignant graphic collection showcasing today's madness seemed most logical. On November 8, 2016 it became very clear that her project had to start with current politics at the center of the discussion. And thats when she got together with Fred who with his extensive advertising and graphic design experience created some of the staples of Dawn Of Dissent’s graphic collection. 


So there it was, a collection of shirts with an opinion, meant to be not just worn, but heard. Shirts you'd want to stand up in, protest in, and never be silent in. 

They hoped to encourage everyone to stand up for what they believe in. And were  proud to be 2 of 65,844,610 voices in dissent.


Two years later Fatí decided to grow and expand into a full line of womenswear separates to compliment the loud voice of their feisty shirts. She believes that fashion can coexist with political ideologies and make relevant statements while offering a trendy lifestyle. So she went back home to Italy and hand-curated a full line of clothing that has turned Dawn Of Dissent into that stylish, relevant voice while offering innovative Italian fabrics and designs.

She plans to expand it further with signature accessories and jewelry next.


Dawn Of Dissent